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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can I verify certification of a physician by the AOBIM?

    The AOBIM does not verify certification. All primary source verification of certification is provided only by the AOA.
    To verify a physician certification, please visit the Official Osteopathic Physician Profile Report web site.

  2. How can I obtain a duplicate copy of a lost or damaged certification certificate?

    Send a request by email stating which certificate is requested and include a check in the amount of $75.00 to the AOBIM at: ADMIN@AOBIM.com .

  3. If my certification or recertification certificate has expired how do I become recertified and what is my status during the time my certificate has expired?

    In order to become recertified after a certificate has expired, one only has to request an application and complete the recertification requirements. During the period of time that a certificate has expired the candidate is listed as not certified because of an expired certification.

  4. What is relationship between the American College of Osteopathic Internists (ACOI) and the AOBIM?

    The ACOI www.acoi.org is the national organization that is a college affiliate of the American Osteopathic Association and serves all osteopathic internists that are members of the organization. They provide many functions and services which include educational programs and CME for practicing internists. The ACOI is the organization that monitors and approves all internal medicine residency and fellowship programs and candidate training. The AOBIM is the certifying organization that operates under the authority of the American Osteopathic Association and the Bureau of Osteopathic Specialists. The ACOI and AOBIM are separate agencies and have two totally separate duties and functions. Questions regarding resident/fellow training should always be directed to the ACOI. All questions regarding certification should always be directed to the AOBIM.

  5. How do I register for the AOBIM certification examination if all of my internal medicine or subspecialty training is in an ACGME (allopathic) program?

    You must complete two applications. The first is with the AOA to obtain AOA approval of your ACGME training (AOA Application Link) . The second is completion of the application for certification in internal medicine (IM Application Link) or subspecialty (Subspecialty Application Link) by this Board.

  6. How do I register to sit for the Internal Medicine certification examination if I am already certified by the ABIM?

    You must complete two applications. The first is the Resolution 56 application with the AOA (Available here) . to obtain approval for the Resolution 56 pathway for eligibility. The second is the application for examination by this Board (IM Application Link) .

  7. After passing a certification examination when do I become officially certified?

    Official certification is granted by the AOA. Once you receive notification from the AOBIM that you have passed a certification examination your name will be presented to the AOA Bureau of Osteopathic Specialists as soon as all of your training is approved and complete in the AOA data base and you are an active member of the AOA. This first step usually occurs about 30 days after you receive notification that you passed the examination. The AOA takes about 6 weeks to process our recommendation. If they approve our recommendation you will receive a letter from the AOA notifying you that you are now certified and given a certificate number. You cannot notify any party that you are certified until you receive this letter from the AOA.

  8. When do I receive my certificate?

    You will receive your certification certificate approximately 90 days after you receive notification from the AOA that you are now certified.

  9. If I do not receive the results from my examination by the published date who should I contact?

    Send an email to the AOBIM (admin@aobim.org). Delays in receiving results of an examination are due to not notifying the Board of a change in address, not meeting all requirements with the ACOI or AOA for training complete status, not maintaining AOA membership or not submitting all required documents to the AOBIM

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