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Directions and Information for Submitting an Internal Medicine Application

A. Prior to the published deadline (February 1 of each year) all candidates must:

  1. Send a hard copy of the application, applicant statement and examination fee ($800) to the AOBIM (Contact AOBIM)).  Do not use staples in ANY of the application materials. Please print application and application statement on a single page (applicant information on front page and application statement on reverse side).

  2. Submit a copy of the letter from the ACOI granting advanced standing if OGME 1 year is non-internal medicine.

  3. Submit the "Program Directors Report" form completed by the Program Director in Internal Medicine.

  4. If in an allopathic (ACGME) internal medicine residency the candidate must submit verification from the AOA stating that the program has been registered for AOA approval.

B. Prior to August 1 of the year of examination,  all candidates must:

  1. Submit a copy of the internal medicine residency certificate to this office.

  2. Submit online the "Resident Annual Report" for the third year of training to the ACOI (not required for residents in ACGME programs).

  3. Have a complete residency training file with the ACOI (not required for residents in ACGME programs).

ACOI = American College of Osteopathic Internists

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