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Application/Registration Overview - Process for Certification and Recertification

The AOBIM offers Certification and Recertification in the areas Internal Medicine and Internal Medicine Subspecialty. While each certification program has a distinct set of requirements, the following steps are common to all programs:

  • Certification exams are scheduled on an annual basis and require the submission of an application packet of required information to the AOBIM.

  • Certification exam online registration will only be available during published enrollment periods (Click here for Exam Dates and Deadlines schedule).

  • Candidates will be required to complete an online enrollemnt form for each Certification and Recertification program available from this web site. After entering information within online application or registration forms, the candidate should print a copy to be included in application package.

  • After completing online application/registration forms, candidates will be able to reprint online information at any time by accessing the appropriate application/registration page.

  • Each Certification and Recertification program will require additional documents be submitted with the application package available on this web site.

  • Each Candidate must create a site user account and be logged in to enable access of online application/registration pages. (Click here to Login).

  • Please see the links below for Application/Registration pages as well as Additional Application Information and Materials pages.

Links to Online Certification Applications and Information Pages:

Links to Links to Recertification (OCC) Online Registration and Information Pages:

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