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Directions for Submitting a Subspecialty Application

The Subspecialty Examination Application Form must be completed on-line and then a hard copy made and sent to the AOBIM with all supporting documents as specified below. The Applicant Statement must be signed and copied on the reverse side of the Application Form. Use no staples in any part of the application.

Instructions for submitting the Subspecialty application can be found by clicking here for the Submission Instructions - Subspecialty Certification  document.

The following credentials must be submitted with the completed application form prior to April 1st:

  1. Copy of the subspecialty fellowship certificate (to be submitted no later than August 1st if the fellowship training is not yet completed).

  2. Candidates completing a non-osteopathic subspecialty training program (ACGME) must submit verification from the AOA that your training program has been registered for AOA approval with the AOA. Applications can be found on the AOA website by clicking on Postdoctoral Education.

  3. The Subspecialty Program Director's Report form is to be submitted to this office by the Program Director prior to April 1st. The form is found on the website under Subspecialty Certification by clicking on the dropdown Registration Materials.

  4. Examination fee of $800.

All candidates in osteopathic fellowship programs must have submitted all fellowship annual reports for each year of fellowship and the scientific paper to the American College of Osteopathic Internists (ACOI) prior to August 1st. The AOBIM will confirm with the ACOI that all training reports are completed and approved on August 15th. IF INCOMPLETE, THE CANDIDATE MAY BE UNABLE TO SIT FOR EXAMINATION AND WILL NOT RECEIVE EXAMINATION RESULTS.

Please mail application materials to:

American Osteopathic Board of Internal Medicine
142 E. Ontario Street
Chicago, IL 60611

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